Lucid Builder

Lucid Builder

Lucid v4The Lucid Builder allows you to quickly and easily create multimedia rich identification and diagnostic keys on any subject you choose.

The Lucid authoring package consists of an authoring tool (builder) and a key player.

The Lucid Builder provides all the tools necessary to create the entity list (e.g. species in a genus) and feature list (e.g. number of legs, leaf shape), encode the score data, and attach multimedia to features and entities.

Once you have completed your key, you can deploy it with the Lucid JavaScript based Player or have it published via the Lucid Mobile Platform.

Read more about the Lucid Player, an independent platform that only requires a web browser, and can be run from your hard drive, USB, CD/DVD or web server. Since the Lucid Player is Html based there are endless possibilities for integration within your website.

The Lucid Mobile Platform supports Android and Apple iOS. Packed with innovative features, you can pick and choose what suits your requirements. A Lucid Mobile app could expand your audience to potentially millions of end users.

Some of the features available in the Lucid Builder

Create random access (matrix) or dichotomous (pathway) keys.
Multiple operating system support (E.g. Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris).
File format compatibility across operating systems.
Direct open of older v3.x keys directly into version 4.
Import key data (LIF (Text based), LIF3 (XML based), CSV).
Import text data.
Merge keys.
Import media (Media List (XML based).
Export key data (LIF3 (XML based), CSV, Text files).
Export key media (Media List (XML based).
Undo/redo functions.
Save/Save As with automatic rolling back ups.
Improved data entry, with inbuilt rules to help structure your key.
Sorting (Features and Entities).
Multiple views supported (Tree and List views).
Builder preferences (colors, warnings and other settings).
Multiple language support. In built language editor for both the Builder and Player language strings.
Font type and size options.
Key filtering during construction and deployment.
Multiple score types available, not just present and absent. Allow for user misinterpretation.
Numeric Feature types.
Multistate Features.
Text Features.
Feature Score Weighting.
Score Analyser to help determine Entity separation and polymorphism analysis.
Single State selection option for Multistate Features.
Three data scoring methods (Spreadsheet, By Features and By Entities).
Feature Dependencies (Positive and Negative types).
View reports on Dependencies, Scopes and Subsets.
Subset Features and Entities.
Natural language generation.
Natural language template builder.
Automatic attachment/Detachment of descriptions.
Add comments for data elements.
Mark items for revision.
Automatic UIDs or custom UIDs for Features and Entities.
Multimedia support (Images, HTML, URLs, PDFs).
Automatic thumbnailing of images.
Media meta data (Captions, copyright and comments).
Media link checker.
Exclude individual media item from deployment .
Key Reporter - Check on all aspects of your key.
Preview your key at anytime during key construction.
Set a multitude of customizations for how your key operates and looks within the Lucid Player. E.g. Filtered or Ranked view, Trees or List views, Thumbnail galleries, automation of Best and Prune Redundants plus much more.
Inbuilt check for Builder updates.
Simple key deployment process, with option to create a key home page.
No installation JavaScript based Lucid Player.
Deployed key and Lucid Player runs from USB, CD/DVD, Hard drive, Network drive or web server without any additional plug-ins or software needed, other than a web browser.
Most user friendly and easy to use key player available.
Free key hosting on
The backup and support of the Lucid development team. We are constantly improving Lucid Builder and Player based on user feedback.