Lucid Maintenance

Lucid Builder Maintenance

Since the release of Lucid3 we have introduced the option of an annual maintenance agreement. This will not disadvantage users who do not require maintenance but it will significantly enhance our level of support and maintenance to those of you actively building keys and/or involved in complex and distributed development projects.

Free upgrades included

For those who maintain current maintenance agreements, without lapse, we will also provide all future software upgrades, that is version releases and point upgrades, to you at no charge other than the maintenance agreement.

What else is included in the maintenance agreement

If you purchase the maintenance package we will respond to your email or telephone support enquiry generally within one business day. In many cases our response will be immediate. However, given the many differences in time zones, this cannot always be the case as we do not operate a 24 hour help desk.

What support services remain free

Email support to all users will continue to be provided at no charge and we will respond to any enquiry within 72 hours.

We will post to the Builder FAQ section answers to the most common problems or issues encountered by users.

All patches and bug fixes will continue to be available for download by registered users at no charge.

Continuation of maintenance

Lucid users purchasing the maintenance package will be entitled to receive all software releases during the period of currency of the maintenance agreement. If the agreement lapses users will not be entitled to receive further software upgrades or product support

Can I have a lapsed maintenance agreement reinstated?

Yes, however we require this to be backed dated to the expiry date of the previous maintenance agreement which will enable you to access all software release in the intervening period

Maintenance agreement cost

The 12 month maintenance and support package can be purchased for $A225 renewable annually.