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Frequently Asked Questions for Lucid Mobile

Lucid Mobile

Can I try my key app before it is made public?

Yes. Your key app can be lodged on the Google and Apple App Store as beta edition prior to release. This allows you and any authorized colleagues to be registered and granted access to the app, so it can be installed and tested. This process also has the advantage of capturing any feedback during the testing period, including crash data, in the unlikely event that this happens.

Can I update my key once it has been published?

Yes, of course. While there is a cost to repackage and submit the app back through the App Stores, the cost of updating your app will normally be much less than the initial cost of app creation, though this depends on how extensive the update is. One advantage of updating the content of your key is that any new upgrade of the Lucid Mobile platform will also be updated, at no additional cost.

Let the Lucid team know about your update requirements for a quotation.

Once your key has been updated, the app is made available to your existing users via the App Store update process. This is generally a seamless process for end users. The update is automatically installed for those users with auto updating turned on, while for others they are notified of the update via the App Store application.


How long does the publishing process take?

If everything required to complete the publication process has been received, it can take as little as two weeks before your app is available in the app stores. However, more time maybe required for large keys with complex media requirements or extensive app customizations. You should also factor time for testing your app prior to its public release in the app stores. This can take anywhere from a few days to weeks.

Key publication is also subject to review processes by Google and Apple, normally this only takes a couple of days, but can take longer.

The Lucid team should be able to give you an estimate on publication time once all the files and information has been submitted.

How much does it cost to publish a key to the Lucid Mobile Platform?

Costs to publish a key is highly variable due to the number of modules and features available for your key. It also depends on how big your key is and how much work the Lucid team needs to do to prepare your content for mobile deployment.

If you use Fact Sheet Fusion to prepare your fact sheets and images, the time (and cost) required for mobile deployment is greatly reduced. It also avoids duplicating effort when preparing your content for the web and the mobile platform.

A quotation will be provided for all mobile packaging prior to its commencement.

Is the artwork component a mandatory requirement for publication?

Yes, every app submitted to the App Stores requires a minimum set of graphics. These include splash screens, listing graphics and icons. These are used to identify the app on the device and in the App stores. All artwork must meet the design and technical guidelines outlined by Google and Apple, if it is to pass the App Store review processes.

The Lucid team can provide artwork services to meet your design needs. Your artwork can either be based on our standard design or be completely customized. You can include your organisation and sponsor logos within the artwork.

You can also supply your own artwork if it meets the design and technical guidelines. Supplying your own artwork would reduce the artwork component cost.

Is there a size limit to publishing a key on the Lucid Mobile Platform?

There are no inherent limits to the size key you develop for an app but Google and Apple impose an overall size limit on the app package size. Currently this is set at 2GB. Normally this is plenty big enough for most keys.

The Lucid mobile app itself is only 2-3MB in size and most keys data files are less than 1MB. Media, such as images, normally take up 99% of the apps size.

The Lucid team always ensure the key and media are optimized prior to publication. Another optional feature to overcome any size limit and to reduce the app install size is the ability of the Lucid Mobile app to dynamically load media from the cloud on an “as needed” basis.

Note the user can still download the media for offline usage (when dynamic media loading is used), in case they need to use the key in a remote location.

What are the system requirements for Lucid?

Lucid Builder

The Lucid Builder requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to work.

Java enables the Lucid Builder to run on any operating system that’s supports the JRE. E.g. Windows, OSX, Linux and Solaris.

There are two JRE’s to choose from:

Lucid requires very little memory and hard disk space, though your key data may require more!

  • Hard drive space: 75MB
  • RAM: 128MB

The actual space taken up may vary slightly depending on operating system and installed options.

If you need more specifics on supported operating systems, please check the preferred JRE website (as shown above) for their system requirements.

Lucid Player (JavaScript Edition)

Any modern web browser that supports JavaScript (all the major browsers do!). For example:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Note: Support is excluded for Internet Explorer, even though it should work (>= v8). If you are forced to use a Microsoft based browser, use Edge.

Lucid Mobile

The Lucid Mobile Platform offers both Android and iOS native applications.

The minimum operating system requirements for your device are:


iOS (Apple)

Where do I get support for Lucid?

If you have a question about a product submit a support ticket via the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page. Or if you need help or think you’ve found a problem with your product first check:

  1. That you have the latest Java Runtime Environment installed. See the System Requirements for more details on obtaining the Java Runtime Environment. and;
  2. That you have the latest software build available for your licence. We are always improving the software to keep it up to date with operating systems and to stamp out any bugs.

If after checking you’re up to date and you still are experiencing an issue, submit a support ticket via the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page.

We normally try and respond to all support requests within one business day.

If you are experiencing a problem with a key hosted on website outside the scope of, please if possible, contact the site owner first.