Lucid Mobile Platform

Discuss with Identic (Creators of Lucid) how to deploy your key via the Lucid mobile platform to gain exposure to the fast growing segment of smartphone and tablet users.

Lucid mobile is available as a native application for Google Android and Apple iOS. Lucid’s mobile platform is user friendly and can be tailored to meet your requirements. It consistently achieves outstanding user ratings and feedback.

The Lucid  mobile player supports all the functionality a user would expect from using the desktop player. Functions like ‘Best’, ‘Subsets’, and ‘Shortcuts’ are available, along with supporting multimedia. The interface has been optimised for both phone and tablet use and provides the user with a seamless and intuitive experience that requires no training. Lucid Mobile apps can be completely downloaded to the user’s device, allowing the key to be used in remote areas without Internet connectivity.

Try out one of the many Lucid based apps now available in the App Stores.