Lucid Player

Lucid Player

Australian Freshwater Molluscs Lucid key

Example: Lucid JavaScript Player with the Australian Freshwater Molluscs Lucid key loaded.

The Lucid Player is the means by which users access the interactive identification or diagnostic keys created using the Lucid Builder.

The Lucid Player provides an effective and powerful means of interacting with the data embodied in Lucid keys, enhancing your ability to make identification and diagnostic decisions and provides relevant information.

The identification process involves eliminating taxa (or other entities) according to characteristics or symptoms associated with the specific group of organisms, symptoms, or other entities you are trying to identify or diagnose. This process can be supported by photographs, drawings, sound, video and text, all of which help to confirm whether the selections you have made are correct.

The Lucid Player provides a number of functions to help with the identification. The most potent of these is the Player’s ‘Best’ function. ‘Best’ helps you navigate through the key’s features by automatically recommending the most powerful feature, the feature with the most discriminating power to split the taxa remaining list, thereby finding the fastest route to a successful identification.

The Lucid Player is available in two forms:

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Lucid identification key

Lucid JavaScript Player: Example Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants keys

The JavaScript based Lucid Player is a platform independent browser-based application (it runs on Windows, OSX and Linux) that requires no additional software or plug-ins to run. Those using this player only need a web browser. No installation or setup is needed and there are no permission problems, often associated with large organisations and government institutions.

The JavaScript based Lucid Player can run from your hard drive, network drive, USB, CD/DVD or preferred web server.

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The Lucid Mobile Player offers all the features users expect when using a Lucid key. The easy and intuitive interface quickly allows users at any level to tackle the most complex identification or diagnostic tasks. Lucid Mobile supports both Android and Apple iOS.

Antkey screen shots

Example Lucid Mobile application: Antkey screen shots