Fact Sheet Fusion

Fact Sheet FusionFact Sheet Fusion (FSF) is a tool to facilitate the rapid generation of standardized fact sheets to HTML, PDF or XML format.

Fact Sheet Fusion main interface

Creating fact sheets has never been easier.

  1. Enter your fact sheet content via a simple data entry process.
  2. Let Fact Sheet Fusion manage your images.
  3. Pick your favourite template or design your own.
  4. Export your fact sheets.

Separating your fact sheet data from the underlying document design gives you great flexibility for editing, changing the format, and delivering your fact sheet content to users via the internet or a mobile app. Features you can use during the creation of your FSF fact sheets include:

  • Create a fact sheet index page.
  • Create a glossary page.
  • Cross link fact sheets listed within other fact sheets.
  • Convert, watermark and resize images.
  • Cross link glossary terms found within fact sheets.
  • Transform fact sheets as HTML, PDF or XML.
  • Plus much more…
Fact Sheet Fusion has saved key developers hundreds of hours by removing the normally tedious tasks of building content, optimising images, creating cross-links where reference is made to other fact sheets, and wrestling with technologies such HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML or how to optimise images to create attractive, functional and interactive fact sheets your users will enjoy using.