Fact Sheet Fusion and Lucid Builder Integration

Fact Sheet Fusion can create fact sheets and manage the media associated with your key.

Fact Sheet Fusion and Lucid Builder integrationKey authors can spend a significant portion of their development time creating the supporting materials of a key and connecting it all together.

Using Fact Sheet Fusion and the Lucid Builder together will save you many hours of work on key projects of any size. It allows you to focus on the content and removes the technical know how that’s often a barrier to creating content that suitable for the web, mobile viewing and mobile apps.

  • Share entities via the export/import options of the Lucid Builder and Fact Sheet Fusion.
  • Simple data entry process to get content into Fact Sheet Fusion fast.
  • Fact Sheet Fusion will generate the entity fact sheets (Html and PDF), index and glossary pages.
  • The fact sheets can be automatically cross-linked (links from one fact sheet to another where an entity is named).
  • Choose from an existing fact sheet template or customise one to suit your needs.
  • All the media will be sized and exported to your preference.
  • The exported fact sheets and media can be automatically connected into the key, via the Media List Import option in the Lucid Builder. Fact Sheet Fusion creates the Media List for you.