Lucid Mobile Platform Details

Lucid Mobile Platform: Details

Publishing your key via the Lucid Mobile platform could increase your audience to millions of users.

The popularity and use of mobile devices throughout the world provide an opportunity for you to increase the availability and use of your Lucid identification or diagnostic key; whether it be for scientists, farmers, students or the general public.

Deploying your key as an app using the Lucid Mobile platform provides a convenient and highly polished professional user experience for your users. The interface is intuitive and conforms to design recommendations and requirements that Google and Apple outline for their platforms. The app also supports a number of features to help meet usability standards as well as support for any language (both interface and content. E.g. Spanish, German, Mandarin etc). Since Lucid Mobile is constantly being improved and developed to keep pace with the ever changing mobile environment, upgrading your app is easily achieved.

Lucid Mobile publication process

Lucid Mobile publication process

How to publish your key as an app

The process for publishing your completed Lucid key to the app platform requires you to send your key Lucid Builder files to the Lucid team. The Lucid team will then convert and package the key into the mobile format, provide you with a prototype for testing and manage the process of meeting the app store requirements to deploy the app to the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

What do I need to do?

First complete and test your key using the latest edition of the Lucid Builder. If you have been using Fact Sheet Fusion (FSF) to handle your keys media,  there’s nothing else you need do – just supply the Lucid Builder files and FSF database and folder to the Lucid team. If you have not used FSF you need to ensure your fact sheets are mobile ready.

Once the Lucid team has a copy of your key and related data they’ll begin the packaging process. They will then need you to supply additional information about the key, such as Author details, the “About” text and logos etc. A prototype of your app will be created, which will let you see exactly how your app will look and work. Use this to test and ensure everything is working as expected.

Finally, the key will be published to the app stores where it will become available for the public to download. You can decide whether the download is to be available at no cost or require payment of fee.

Lucid Mobile Information Pack

Download it now (PDF)

Lucid Mobile Development Information Pack

Download it now (PDF)

What will it cost?

Since the packaging process is not able to be fully automated from the Lucid Builder, there is a cost when publishing a key to the Lucid Mobile platform.

This cost will depend on several factors such as:

  • Key size and complexity.
  • Artwork requirements.
  • How much work you would like the Lucid team to perform on your content to make it mobile ready.
  • What features, modules and customizations you want in your app.
  • If the app is free or a “paid for” app.

Once this information is available to the Lucid team, a quotation will be provided for publishing the key(s) to the app platform.

We also provide an updating service for an existing Lucid Mobile app, including key and content changes. Since we also include the upgraded Lucid Mobile platform as part of the updating process, the cost is normally considerably less than the initial packaging cost.

  • Standard App Packaging
  • Custom App Packaging
Standard App PackagingCustom App Packaging
Package your key using the standard Lucid mobile platform options.
Package your key and have it standout from the crowd.
Key conversion to the mobile platform
Packaging one key per app, multiple keys per app will incur additional costs.
Customised home screen for launching the key
Native mobile application for Android or Apple iOS
Additional supporting content
For example, 'About' and 'How to' pages etc.
All artwork necessary for the app
Artwork based on the standard Lucid mobile artwork template. Fully customised artwork can also be created, contact us as cost depends on requirements and design iterations.
Image downloading service
Advanced search engine and indexing
Allows not only searching across features and entities, but fact sheet content.
Customisation of the interface, language and supporting content
For example, app colour theme, custom icons, and language strings etc.
Fact sheet sharing
Allows fact sheets to be shared via email, or using other apps such as SMS etc.
Tutorial walkthrough
Google Analytics
Data collection
Custom Extensions
Additional prototypes for testing
Two (2) beta builds are included in the standard packaging costs. More can be requested, if necessary.
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