Addendum to Q-Bank plant key spotlight article

Q-bankIn a previous Newsletter (October 2018), (October 2018 newsletter) the spotlight article focussed on Q-Bank, an invasive plants database that provides detailed species-level information on all plants species on the European Union list of EU concern. In this article we provided a list of Q-Bank keys to invasive plant species that are currently available but did not provide links to these online keys. We have rectified this in the list below [Note: You need to click on the language button to open up the appropriate language version]

  1. Weeds in imported pot plants in Europe –
  2. Invasive terrestrial plants in Europe –
  3. Invasive aquatic plants –
  4. Seedlings of invasive plants –
  5. Seeds of invasive plants –
  6. Pennisetum cultivars –