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Spotlight: The new Aquarium and Pond Plant ID App

By Matt

The worldwide demand for plants suitable for use in aquaria and ponds is being serviced by a multi-million dollar worldwide trade. An unfortunate consequence of this is that many of the plant species involved in this trade end up being released into local waterways. This sometimes causes serious ecological consequences where the introduced plants become…

Addendum to Q-Bank plant key spotlight article

By Matt

In a previous Newsletter (October 2018), (October 2018 newsletter) the spotlight article focussed on Q-Bank, an invasive plants database that provides detailed species-level information on all plants species on the European Union list of EU concern. In this article we provided a list of Q-Bank keys to invasive plant species that are currently available but…

Spotlight on a new Seed Identification website

By Matt

A website ( has recently been launched by the International Seed Morphology Association to “promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, resource development, and research among those who are interested in seed morphology and seed identification”. The site provides information on various resources, including a Seed Identification Guide currently consisting of Seed identification fact sheets for 127 species,…