Fact Sheet Fusion Trial Edition

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Fact Sheet Fusion Trial EditionFact Sheet Fusion Trial Edition. Create fact sheets fast with this comprehensive fact sheet creator.

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Try before you buy?

You can try out Fact Sheet Fusion before buying. When unregistered you can only export:

  • 10 Fact sheets.
  • 10 Glossary items.
  • 5 Media items per fact sheet.

A maximum of 10 entities can be loaded/added while unregistered. There are no other limits on data entry. Once registered there are no limitations.

Download size: 83.6 MB
Note: During setup additional modules maybe downloaded, if required.

Fact Sheet Fusion v2 – A tool for creating professional fact sheets.

Rapidly generate standardised fact sheets in HTML or XML. Fact Sheet Fusion provides a fast and effective way to generate high quality fact sheets, without requiring multi-media skills. Users can rapidly produce these fact sheets by following four simple steps.

  1. Define a set of topics that will form the structure of each fact sheet.
  2. Input text for each topic for each entity (or object) for which a fact sheet is to be created.
  3. Attach image files related to each entity

Once these three steps have been completed, the final step is to choose a template design, click on a button and Fact Sheet Fusion automatically generates the fact sheets.

As a part of the fact sheet creation process, Fact Sheet Fusion can:

  • automatically convert and resize images
  • create an entity index page
  • create a glossary page
  • cross link entities listed within other entity fact sheets
  • cross link glossary terms found within fact sheets
  • cross link glossary terms found in other glossary definitions
  • cross link entities found within glossary definitions
  • Transform fact sheets as HTML, PDF or XML

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