Custom packaging options

Custom app packaging will take your key to the next level with options for additional functionality and interface customisation’s.  Options include:


Custom Artwork

Artwork designed to your specifications. Fit the look of your organisation. This includes all artwork necessary for the app, such as launch icons and splash screens.

Note: Artwork must still conform to Apple and Google design specifications.


Image downloading service

Images used normally comprise over 95% of the app install size. For very large keys this can often mean several hundreds of megabytes of storage space is consumed on the user’s device. While for modern phone and tablets storage is less of an issue, it can still be undesirable for the end user to install such a large app.

This module overcomes this problem by storing the images required by the key in the cloud, and the app retrieves them as required for display.


  1. The user has the option to download all images to their device if they plan to use the app where internet connectivity is limited or not available.
  2. Includes hosting of content on Lucid servers.


Search engine and indexing

Adds the ability to search across all key content and fact sheet content for names and keywords. Includes indexing of app content, and the addition of a search interface to the app.

FYI. The standard app search only searches across entity names.


Customized supporting content

Further customization of the home screen and additional supporting content, examples include: fact sheet indexes, glossary pages, pages describing the items in the key (features and entities), or tips and best practices to using the key.

Other customization options available apply to the app colour theme, icons, and language strings.


Fact sheet sharing

This module allows links to fact sheets to be shared via email, or using other apps. The user will be presented with a share option at the top of each fact sheet.

If selected the user will have the option to select which external app (e.g. Email) to use to share a link to the online version of the fact sheet.


Tutorial walkthrough

This module consists of a series of custom screens that walk the user through how to use the app and access the content.


Additional prototypes

Two (2) beta builds are included in the standard packaging, for the purpose of initial review of content prepared for the app, and final review of any edits before publication.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration. Allows detailed monitoring of the apps usage and other statistics.

For more information see


Data collection

Extensive data collection options are available under the Lucid Mobile platform. You can customise data collection from users such as survey data, record submission, GPS & photos and identification session information etc. This information is stored to the Lucid cloud service where it can be downloaded for analysis.

Additional functionality associated with data collection can be included in the app (or the cloud service), such as user collection libraries and links to social media etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Custom extensions

The Lucid Mobile platform can be easily extended to include any additional functionality you might require.

Examples include:

  • Economic calculators
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Data Mapping
  • Connectivity to back to your organisation (APIs, authentication etc)
Discuss your requirements with us and we’ll work closely with you to fulfil your app needs.