Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity concern – updated

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity concern Lucid Mobile app splash screenAn update of this interactive lucid key that assists in recognising families of targeted Lepidoptera of biosecurity concern using morphological characters of the adult.

Many existing keys to adult Lepidoptera lack good illustrations of the important characters and this key provides high quality photographs of all the characters used. Easily identifiable features that are visible on set specimens using a stereomicroscope have been chosen in an attempt to avoid where possible, the type of characters requiring manipulation or dissection of the specimen for example, wing venation, apodemes and genitalia.

Authors: Anderson SJ, Luo YY & Bellis GA (2017). Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern. Interactive Lucid Key. Northern Australian Quarantine Strategy, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

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