Distributing keys

How to send your keys to others

As a key author you can either send your Builder formatted key to other collaborators; Or distribute your finished key to a website or colleagues. Below outlines what you need to package up for sending.

For either key format (compiled or uncompiled) we recommend Zipping the files into a single archive for ease of sharing the file either via a file sharing service or email, if small enough.

  1. Builder format (editable key – uncompiled)

Zip archive the following two items:

<key name>.lk4
<key name folder>

  1. Deployed key (Web deployed (non-editable – compiled) – highly recommended as the end user requires no additional supporting software to use the key other than their web browser.)

Zip archive the following items, if sending to an individual. If posting to a website do not zip:

<key deployment name>.html        <— Filename set via the deployment dialog (key title)
key                                                    <— Key folder
player                                                <— Lucid Player folder