Fact Sheet Fusion v2.0.5.150 update

Fact Sheet FusionFact Sheet Fusion v2.0.5.150 update

A new update to Fact Sheet Fusion (v2.0.5.150) is now available (free to existing v2 licence holders).

This update includes:

New features and enhancements

  • Added keyboard shortcut to Entity List (Ctrl + Right Arrow). This opens the Alternative name dialog for the selected entity.
  • Alternative Name Dialog
    • Tweaked the Alternative name dialog for improved data entry speed and keyboard actions – now sets focus to the new record row and allows for immediate data entry.
    • Changed the Save button on the Alternative name dialog to a ‘Save & Close’ button. Note the dialog won’t exit if issues with saving are detected.
    • Added shortcut option (Ctrl + s) for saving current row.
    • Added shortcut option (Ctrl + Shift + x) for closing and saving the dialog.
    • Added autocomplete dropdown to the alternative name and author fields. The suggestion list is derived from the entities, and existing alternative names and author fields. This should help speed up data entry.
  • Added a formatted ‘parent’ entity label to child entities (I.e. Has a parent entity. E.g. Alternative names). This allows the alternative name to output (formatted or plain) with the parent (formatted or plain).
  • Scientific Name Formatter
    • No longer formats labels with first word in uppercase.
    • Recognises bracketed content in the middle of scientific name. “Hydrophis (Hydrophis) elegans” now formats to “Hydrophis (Hydrophis) elegans”.
  • Added photographer field to the Media List XML output.
  • Updated the help.


  • Fix export bug where images haven’t been exported due to the skip media option being selected.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing a media item launched outside the scope of the Media Manager (E.g. Directly via an entity or topic) the associated media list wasn’t passed to the Image Viewer to power the next and previous buttons correctly.
  • Fixed minor label issue associated with the attach button in the Media Manager when called from different components. It now correctly labels the attachment type, rather than using the generic label ‘Attach to Entity’, which was confusing. E.g. If attaching a media item to a glossary term the attach button now states ‘Attach to glossary term’.

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