Lucidcentral December 2019 Newsletter

The Lucid team wish you, your family and colleagues all the best as 2019 comes to an end – we hope you have an enjoyable Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival.
We start this end-of-year newsletter with a reminder that the format of the Newsletter was last time. Each Newsletter will now contain items that have been posted on our Blog since we released the previous Newsletter; it will include additional information; and provide details of recent and forthcoming events.

The second reminder concerns the new Lucidcentral website. As noted in the previous newsletter, the new upgraded site includes:

  • A responsive interface that supports desktop and mobile devices.
  • A section providing details about some of the most popular Lucid keys
  • Unified shopping and product downloads.
  • An upgraded support desk that should be easier to use.
  • Centralized downloads and services in the ‘My Account‘ dashboard.
  • Updated content and news blog.

[Note: we are still working on the next major project that provides an important component of the website, namely the upgrade of the Lucid key service]

Having released this new and we hope improved Lucidcentral website, we are still continuously reviewing the website ourselves, and modifying it where necessary. However, since you are among the main clients we aim to serve, we would very much appreciate feedback from you on any issues that you feel need improving. For instance, it would be useful to us if you could let us know:

  • If you have had any difficulty or been confused in navigating the website,
  • Have not been able to find certain items that were there previously, or
  • Think that we should add or improve specific features or content.

We would be grateful if you would send any comments to – [email protected].

The increasing use of Lucid keys

In the last Newsletter we noted that the public’s appetite for online and app versions of identification and diagnostic tools has been growing over time and that we now deliver several hundred online keys to the public and complete hundreds of thousands of requests and over 250GB of data every month. To further illustrate the increasing interest in Lucid keys and Lucid Mobile apps, particularly by those concerned with biodiversity and conservation issues, there are two spotlight articles in this newsletter, that are brief summaries of two review articles: