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Crop rotations and their resistance to plant-parasitic nematodes

By Matt

Crop rotations and their resistance to plant-parasitic nematodes Plant-parasitic nematodes are important pests of many crops. Since rotating nematode-resistant cover crops can play an important role in managing nematode pests, a range of potentially useful crops have been tested for resistance to root-knot nematode in Australia. As part of this work, useful crops have also…


By Matt

To provide diagnostic help to growers and their advisors, the MyCrop team within the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food has developed a series of Lucid Mobile apps – “to bring crop diagnostics to the paddock”. With funding support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the MyCrop series of tools now covers 6…

Keys for Diagnosing Crop and Health Disorders

By Matt

The initial purpose in developing Lucid was to provide taxonomists with software they could use to develop matrix identification keys for use by non-taxonomists. It soon became apparent that agronomists and other agricultural scientists could use Lucid software in a different way, to develop crop diagnostic tools for use by farmers, advisors, and other non-specialists.…