Selected Pathway Keys

The following keys have been developed using the latest Lucid Pathway key facility in the latest 2021 update of the Lucid4 Builder.

A tool for identifying insects and spiders in West African Rice 

In 2002, a book published on Rice Feeding  Insects and Selected Natural Enemies in West Africa, authored by E. A. Heinrichs and Alberto Barrion, contained a series of dichotomous keys for identifying insect pests and insect and arthropod natural enemies. Since the printed version of this book has been out-of-date for several years, it has now been converted to a series of interactive, digital pathway keys, using the Lucid pathway facility included in the recently released Lucid 4 Builder. Access the key


A key to a recent taxonomic revision of three mydas-fly genera found in Southern Africa

Eremohaplomydas Bequaert, 1959; Haplomydas Bezzi, 1924; and Lachnocorynus Hesse, 1969 [Insecta, Diptera, Mydidae]

Claire Boschert and Torsten Dikow
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Access the key.