Plant Selection Tools

Interactive Plant Selection Tools

A third type of problem that Lucid tool authors have developed a decision support tool for is plant selection. The question that the Lucid tool aims to provide information about is: “What type of plant (species or variety) is likely to be most suitable for a particular site. Taking into account the physical features of the field or garden (soil, climate, rainfall, etc..) and the aim that the chosen plants are intended to achieve (a pink summer flower, a tall shrub, or a specific agricultural objective) the selection tool provides a short list of species or varieties that best meet these criteria. In the case study covered below, the issue concerns the choice of a forage or pasture plant.

Tropical Forages: an interactive selection tool

Tropical Forages is a powerful tool for selecting forage species suitable for local conditions in the tropics and subtropics. It is invaluable for agricultural researchers and extension officers involved in improving animal production.