Group: Lucid Player

Where do I get support for Lucid?

By Matt

If you have a question about a product submit a support ticket via the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page. Or if you need help or think you’ve found a problem with your product first check: That you have the latest Java Runtime Environment installed. See the System Requirements for more details on obtaining the Java Runtime Environment.…

Can I view keys without a web server?

By Matt

Yes, the Lucid Player can run from a Hard Drive, USB, CD\DVD or a web server. If the key has been deployed via the Lucid Mobile Platform, then it can also run from Android and iOS devices. Note: If a key author has posted a key via their web server, not as a downloadable file,…

What are the system requirements for Lucid?

By Matt

Lucid Builder The Lucid Builder requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to work. Java enables the Lucid Builder to run on any operating system that’s supports the JRE. E.g. Windows, OSX, Linux and Solaris. There are two JRE’s to choose from: Oracle Java – Requires a licence, but free to download from; Or; OpenJDK…