Why are there no font type options in the editor?

There are no font type selection options in the editors main toolbar because the font type and text sizes are controlled by the export template you select. The idea for topic text is to only select general formatting and layout options such as heading sizes, bold, italics, indenting, lists, and tables etc. This may look somewhat like “plain text” in the editor, but the idea is to let the export template do all the hard work when it comes to applying the look of the fact sheet.

For example, if you were to individually apply formatting such as font type and size to your topic text, which would take additional time, and found it didn’t look as good as you thought in a browser, then you would need to re-edit all the topics where these formats were applied. Where as if you have the topic text formatted with just heading types, paragraphs and no specific formatting, the export template will have definitions as to what these should look like. In this case if you need to make a change, it would just be a matter of simply adjusting the template style sheet, rather than potentially thousands of topic entries!