Manual registration and activation procedure

Lucid Builder registration dialog

Manual registration and activation procedure

If for any reason the automatic activation of Lucid fails, the following outlines the manual activation procedure:

  1. Ensure you have filled out the registration dialog with the same details as your licence. I.e. Same name, email address and serial number.
  2. When attempting to activate your licence will create a registration file. This file can be sent to the Lucid support staff who can manually activate your licence. The registration file can be found:

    Windows: C:\users\<your username>\.lucid\

    OSX/Linux: <your home folder>\.lucid\

    Lucid v4 the registration file will be called ‘LucidBuilder4.registration‘; Lucid v3.x the file is named ‘Lucid_Builder.registration‘.

  3. Email this file, along with any error details you received when the automatic activation attempt failed, to [email protected].