Is there a size limit to publishing a key on the Lucid Mobile Platform?

There are no inherent limits to the size key you develop for an app but Google and Apple impose an overall size limit on the app package size. Currently this is set at 2GB. Normally this is plenty big enough for most keys.

The Lucid mobile app itself is only 2-3MB in size and most keys data files are less than 1MB. Media, such as images, normally take up 99% of the apps size.

The Lucid team always ensure the key and media are optimized prior to publication. Another optional feature to overcome any size limit and to reduce the app install size is the ability of the Lucid Mobile app to dynamically load media from the cloud on an “as needed” basis.

Note the user can still download the media for offline usage (when dynamic media loading is used), in case they need to use the key in a remote location.