Lucid Phoenix ImporterThe Phoenix Builder contains a powerful import facility that can convert existing paper based keys into the Phoenix format. The import function can handle the two most common types of printed dichotomous keys, bracketed and indented. If your dichotomous key is only available in a printed format, scan the key using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program and save the key as a text file. You can then open this file through the Open dialog after selecting Import in the Phoenix Builder, or once the Importer module is open by using open key.  DemoView a demonstration of the importer.

Once a key has been loaded into the Import module it is analysed. If problems are found within the key, a 'To Do' list is generated. Each error or warning found within the key is marked with a wavy underline, red for an error and blue for a warning, at the point within the line where the error occurs. DemoView a demonstration of importing a key with errors.

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