Thrips keys

Over the past decade two prominent thrips taxonomists, Laurence Mound in Australia and Gerald Moritz in Germany, together with international colleagues, have authored several Lucid Thrips identification tools. The first, a CD for identifying thrips species likely to be intercepted by quarantine officials in Australia, was produced in 1998. This led to further Lucid based products including “Pest Thrips of the World”, and regional tools for use in North America, California and East Africa.

While the early keys were made available to users as CD-ROM products, subsequently all these keys have been updated and re-deployed as online keys and/or as Android/iOS smartphone apps.

Over time, the authors have also added several features to provide additional information and training material for learning about thrips biology, classification and structural features, collecting, and micro-slide preparation. Additional features that have contributed to improved thrips identification include better photomicrographs and links to molecular techniques and data.

Brief details and links to these keys are provided below, in chronological order of publication.

AQIS Identification guide - Thysanoptera
AQIS Identification guide - Thysanoptera (1998)
ThripsID - Pest thrips of the world (2001)
ThripsID - Pest thrips of the world (2001)

Species most likely to be taken on plant material imported into Australia. 
Gerald Moritz and Laurence Mound
CD-Version 1999 – No longer available as a CD 
Available Online

Identification guide to 180 pest species, and all nine families; illustrated by 1500 photomicrographs. 
Laurence Mound, David Morris, Gerald Moritz

CD – Version 2003

Pest Thrips of the World
Pest Thrips of the World (2004)
Thrips of California
Thrips of California (2008) - expanded version 2012, updated July 2019

An identification and information system using molecular and microscopic methods.
Moritz G, Mound LA, Morris DC, Goldarazena A
Available on CD – Version 2004
Available Online

Hoddle MS, Mound LA, Paris DL. 
CD-Version 2012
Available on
(July 2019 edition)

Pest Thrips of North America
Pest Thrips of North America (2009)
Oz Thrips - Thysanoptera in Australia
Oz Thrips - Thysanoptera in Australia (2012)

Pest thrips of North America associated with domestic and imported crops.
Moritz G, O´Donnell C, Parrella M.
Available Online 

Learn about thrips in Oz – Details, photos and identification 
Laurence Mound, Desley Tree and Dena Paris

Pest Thrips of East Africa
Pest Thrips of East Africa (2013)
Citrus Pest Key Website home page
Citrus Pest Key (2012)

Identification and information tools for pest thrips of East Africa (family and subfamily key) 
Moritz G, Brandt S, Triapitsyn S, Subramanian S
CD Version 2013
Available Online

Available on Google Play Store

Citrus Pests Key is aimed at providing non-entomologists with a pest identification tool requiring access to a light microscope and hand lens. The key features 53 insect pests of citrus, including 6 thrips species.
Sarahlynne Guerrero, Jennifer Weeks, Amanda Hodges, Kirk Martin and Norman Leppla.

Available Online

Available on Google Play Store Available on Apple iTunes