Australian Rainforest Plant keys

Rainforest Plants of Australia app splash screenResearch and identification of plant species found in rainforests on mainland Australia is critical to the study and conservation of those rainforest areas that still exist. For many years, Gwen Harden and colleagues have published books on the flora found in southern Australian rainforest (from Rockhampton to Victoria) and, more recently, have used this information to develop a Lucid key consisting of 1140 species of trees, shrubs, climbers, palms and ferns. Initially released as a USB product, this key has since been updated and released as a commercial app.

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Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants home pageAnother rainforest key, also developed over many years, covers tropical rainforest plants found from Rockhampton and further North. This key started with 584 rainforest trees in a polyclave or card key. Various additions to this key were made once new software was available of overcoming the constraints associated with earlier software, resulting in publication in 2000 of a Windows-based (Lucid) key containing 1733 species. The current key, available online, contains 2,728 species. Conversion of this key to a Lucid Mobile app has recently been funded.