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Software for creating and deploying effective and powerful identification and diagnostic keys.

System Requirements

By Matt

Lucid Builder System Requirements The Lucid Builder requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Two options are currently available. The choice depends on your organisation or preference. Both work equally well and make no difference to the operation of the Lucid Builder. Oracle Java Runtime Environment (licence required).See: Open Source Java Runtime Environment (free)See:…


By Matt

Lucid Builder Build your own identification & diagnostic keys. Learn More Lucid Player Play identification keys from your hard drive, USB/CD, network drive, or the web. Learn more Lucid Mobile Lucid Player native app for both Android and iOS.  Learn more Lucid Phoenix Dichotomous or pathway key Builder and Player enabling ‘traditional’ paper based keys…

Lucid v3.6 Updated

By Matt

A new Lucid v3.6 update is now available. It adds additional features and corrects several minor bugs. Changes include: Lucid JavaScript (Browser) Player New auto unprune option. Fixed bug preventing manual discard in the application player. Lucid Builder Major updates to numeric input dialog, and improvements to the process for entering numeric data. Enhancements to…

Lucid Builder

By Matt

Lucid Builder The Lucid Builder allows you to quickly and easily create multimedia rich identification and diagnostic keys on any subject you choose. The Lucid authoring package consists of an authoring tool (builder) and a key player. The Lucid Builder provides all the tools necessary to create the entity list (e.g. species in a genus)…