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Creating and using identification and diagnostic keys has never been easier. The Lucid Builder, Player, Fact Sheet Fusion, and the Lucid Mobile platform provide all tools needed to produce world class keys.

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Lucid Builder

Identification Matrix keys Multi-access keys

Lucid v4 now released

The Lucid team is excited to announce Lucid version 4. There is almost no aspect of the Lucid Builder and Player that hasn’t been redesigned, tweaked or improved. Try out version 4 now.

Lucid v4 update now released. Lucid v4 now supports dichotomous (pathway) key construction. This update will be free to all existing v4 licence holders.

Easy, efficient, powerful key authoring 

Construct multimedia identification keys on any topic you choose quickly and easily. Works on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Lucid Builder main interface

The Lucid Player is used to play interactive identification or diagnostic keys or guides created using the Lucid Builder.

Lucid Builder

Spotlight Features

No limits

Add as many species and characters to your key as you want.


Lucid supports importing and exporting of key data in open formats. No data lock in here.

Reporting tools

Generate reports on the state of your key. Check if your keys features are enough for your end users to make an identification.

Easy scoring

Linking your features (questions/characters) to your species is just point and click. You can score three different ways.

Play as you go

With the built in Player you can 'play' your key anytime during its development.

Multiple operating system support

Run the Builder on Windows, OSX and Linux. The Player works without any installation and is also available on Android and Apple iOS via native apps.

Attach multimedia

Attach images and Html to your features and species. It also support attachments via Fact Sheet Fusion.

Create written descriptions

Make the most of your key data. The Lucid Builder can create natural language output from your key.

Fast deployment

The Lucid Builders built-in key deployment process makes getting your key to end users a fast and simple process.

Fact Sheet Fusion

Fact Sheet Fusion

Create fact sheets fast! 

Build fact sheets faster than you though possible! Combine with your Lucid key development or use separately Fact Sheet Fusion will greatly increase your productivity.


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