Lucid v3.5 Upgrade to Lucid v3.6 Plus Maintenance (free upgrade to v4)


Lucid v3.5 upgrade to v3.6For existing licence holders of Lucid Builder v3.5 upgrade to v3.6 with maintenance to receive version 4 as a upgrade free. Limited time only.

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With the release of Lucid version 4 it’s the last chance for Lucid v3.5 licence holders to upgrade. By upgrading to version 3.6 with the added 1 year product maintenance you can get version 4 as a free upgrade*.

* Lucid v3.5 licence upgrade, with product maintenance offer expires at the end of October 2020. Now extended to the 8th November 2020. Last chance to upgrade!

Note: Upgrading to v3.6 with product maintenance is cheaper than purchasing two upgrades (3.5→3.6→4.0).

Owners of Lucid v3.5 are entitled to upgrade pricing to Lucid v3.6. If you are purchasing the upgrade on behalf of another users (e.g. purchasing officer), please include the persons name, email address and the product serial number in the checkout additional notes/instructions.

Version 3.6 enhancements include:

  • Added new JavaScript based Lucid Player (Browser Player).
  • Updated the key deployment options and various deployable setup packages.
  • Added a new media check reporting tool.
  • Added new and improved image viewing interface to the Desktop application Player.
  • Improved the media removal options within the Builder.
  • Improved the way drag and drop works within the Builder.
  • Updated underlying image handling components to improve thumbnailing, support of additional color palettes and transparency options.
  • Added Unique Identifier field option for items. This can be used for referencing elements within the key, via JavaScript, when customising the Browser Player.
  • Changed some underlying default preference setting values in the Builder to give a better visual experience.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and made underlying changes to default Java libraries to optimise the Builder and Desktop application Player under the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Updated the Help files.

System Requirements

Operating System*: Windows, OSX, Linux and Solaris.

* Version of operating system support depends of the version of the Java Runtime Environment available to it.

Additional Modules: Java Runtime Environment

Depending on your licencing requirements two options are supported:

Disk space: 165MB depending on options installed.

Memory: Minimum 150MB of available RAM.

Product Type:

Downloadable, single user licence.