Lucid June 2015 Newsletter

Fact Sheet
              Fusion Update v2.0.3New Fact Sheet Fusion
              Release Fact Sheet Fusion 2.0.3 released - Keep reading below for a special offer.

A bunch of new features and improvements have been added in the recent release of Fact Sheet Fusion.
  • A new global find and replace function that searches across topic text, media captions and glossary terms.
  • A new feature called "Subsets" that allows the grouping of Entities (similar to the subset function in Lucid). These subsets can be used to filter the fact sheet export as well as the entities listed while editing.
  • Completion options for export including shutdown, sleep, hibernate, lock screen have been added.
  • A new database upgrade module has been added to allow feature expansion into the future.
  • Auto select of categories in the Media Manger occurs when opened via the Entity Add media button, if the Entity name and Category name match.
  • Added auto select of preferred destination category when drag and drop is used to add images directly to an entity where the Entity name and Category match.
  • Added drag and drop sort ordering of media categories within the Media Manager.
  • Help has been updated to reflect additional and changed functionality.
Several fixes to existing functionality has also been included. Please see the release notes for more information on these.

This update is free to existing v2.x licence holders. If you own version 1.x there's still time to upgrade to version 2.

Fact Sheet Fusion Special Offer A brand new version of Fact Sheet Fusion (v2.0) was released earlier this year. With this special offer if you  purchase a new Fact Sheet Fusion licence you will receive a secondary licence free!
Offer ends 30th June 2015.

You can try out version 2 for free. Download it from

Lucid MobileLucid Mobile Update

The Lucid Mobile check list Lucid Mobile Check List has been updated to include the latest artwork requirements. This document is essential for any key author thinking about a mobile edition of their key.

If you are thinking about converting your Lucid key to a Mobile version keep in mind we also offer a range of additional add-ons and services to the Lucid Mobile platform such as:

  • Artwork design.
  • Fact sheet conversion (to the mobile format).
  • Multi-key app - Include two or more related keys in the same app.
  • Direct access to fact sheets option to bypass the key. This adds an additional screen with a key launch button and direct fact sheet access button.
  • App customisation including colour scheme, icons or feature and Entity background highlighting and language strings.
  • Google Analytics integration. The mobile application reports usage back to your registered Google Analytics account.
  • User data (and automatic data) collection services. E.g. User filled data forms, photos, GPS etc – coming soon.
  • Custom modules with optional links to key data. e.g. Calculators, charting, connections to web services.

Contact if you have any questions or would like to get started on a mobile key.


Recent Lucid identification keys

The moss genus
                    Bryum in Switzerland
The moss genus Bryum in Switzerland
                    key Dikow 2015
Anasillomos key Dikow 2015
Key to
                    Asilidae subfamily taxa sensu Dikow (2009)
Key to Asilidae subfamily taxa sensu Dikow (2009)
Key to
                    Leptogastrinae genera
Key to Leptogastrinae genera
Namadytes key
                    Dikow and Leon 2014
Namadytes key Dikow and Leon 2014
                    key Dikow 2007
Lasiocnemus key Dikow 2007


Chrome and JavaJava and Chrome

For those who have deployed the applet player, recent changes to Chrome means that the relevant plug-in architecture that Java requires has been disabled. You can easily re-enable the Plug-in.  The additional configuration steps required are:

  1. In your URL bar, enter:
  1. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
  2. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page.

For more information see the following Java article:


Environmental Weeds of
              Australia Mobile Edition UpdateComing soon - Environmental Weeds of Australia mobile edition update

An updated edition of the mobile edition of Environmental Weeds of Australia (EWA) mobile edition is about to be released in the next few weeks. This will be a free update to existing owners. If you have already purchased the current EWA mobile edition or if you purchase it now you will receive this new edition free once available.

The update will include new species, name changes, declaration status and naturalisation distribution changes, corrections and new images for an additional 30 species. The Lucid mobile Player will also have a number of improvements, including a search option, enhanced cross-linking between fact sheets and a glossary containing over 700 terms.

Android edition of Lucid Key to Oral

iOS edition of Lucid Key to Oral UlcerationiOS: