Group: Lucid Mobile

Can I update my key once it has been published?

By Matt

Yes, of course. While there is a cost to repackage and submit the app back through the App Stores, the cost of updating your app will normally be much less than the initial cost of app creation, though this depends on how extensive the update is. One advantage of updating the content of your key…

How much does it cost to publish a key to the Lucid Mobile Platform?

By Matt

Costs to publish a key is highly variable due to the number of modules and features available for your key. It also depends on how big your key is and how much work the Lucid team needs to do to prepare your content for mobile deployment. If you use Fact Sheet Fusion to prepare your…

How long does the publishing process take?

By Matt

If everything required to complete the publication process has been received, it can take as little as two weeks before your app is available in the app stores. However, more time maybe required for large keys with complex media requirements or extensive app customizations. You should also factor time for testing your app prior to…