The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) v1.4.2 or greater needs to be installed on your computer. The JVM is provided with the CD ROM edition of Lucid Phoenix. To obtain the latest version of the JVM for free, go to

Get Java

Users who want to download the demonstration version of Lucid Phoenix or who want to view the Lucid Phoenix player will need to download it from, if not already installed. To check if you have the JVM installed or what version you may already have, see the Phoenix FAQ section.

To install the JVM, your computer needs to meet one of the following.

Windows Logo Windows OS
• 98/ME/NT(SP6a)/2000(SP3)/XP(SP1)/Vista/Win7/Win8

• Pentium 166MHz
• HD: 75MB
• RAM: 64MB

Please note: The JVM no longer supports Windows 95.

Apple Logo Macintosh OS
• OS X 10.2.6 or greater
• HD: 51MB
• RAM: 128MB

Linux Logo Linux OS
• A flavour of Linux that supports J2RE, such as: Red Hat 7.3/8.0 SuSE 8.0, TurboLinux 7.0 or SLEC 8
• Pentium 166MHz
• HD: 85MB
• RAM: 64MB

Solaris Logo Solaris OS: 7, 8, 9 or 10
• RAM: 128MB
• HD: Up to 70MB

Lucid Phoenix Logo Requirements

Read about Lucid Phoenix Logo requirements when distributing a key.

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