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   Lucid Mobile Insect Orders AppInsect to Orders
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Environmental Weeds of Australia Mobile appEnvironmental Weeds of Australia
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of Australia (EWA) Lucid Mobile App in action.
Environmental Weeds of Australia Video

Lucid Mobile for Android and iOS is now available. The Lucid Mobile app will allow keys to be accessed "out in the field" either:

  • Remotely, with all data and materials installed to the device, or
  • As a hybrid model, where identification data is stored local to the device and supporting materials, such as images and fact sheets, are accessible via an Internet connection.​

​Supported devices and operating systems

Currently the Lucid Mobile app will run on most devices that support Android Gingerbread v2.3.3 or greater, iOS v 6.0 and will support both phone and tablet devices. 

The app size without key data is less than 2MB. The final published app will depend on the size of your key and the attached material.

Want to deploy your Lucid keys as a mobile app?

The process for converting an existing Lucid key to an app requires Lucid key authors to send the builder files of their key to the Lucid team. The Lucid team will then convert and package the key to the mobile format, provide authors with a prototype for testing and manage the process of deploying the app via the Google Store (for Android phones) and iTunes (for iPhone).

The effort required to convert a Lucid key to an app will depend on the following:

The size of the key – the number of taxa or entities, the number of characters/states, the number of images
The format of the information to be provided with the key – including character/state information; fact sheets for entities/taxa (and whether they are compiled in Fact Sheet Fusion); and whether authors are prepared to modify their existing key to better meet the app requirements.

Lucid Mobile Check List

Read the mobile preparation check list to ready your key for the Lucid Mobile App.

What will it cost?

The cost of converting a Lucid key to an app will depend on the details above and whether the app is to be freely available or if users are to be charged for downloading the app. Once this information has been sent to the Lucid team, a preliminary cost estimate will be provided for converting that key to an app:

If the app is to be freely available – the cost estimate will include three components:
  1. The cost charged by the Lucid team to convert the key to the mobile format (which will depend on the factors above) and;
  2. The features & customisations you would like included in the mobile app.
  3. Making the app ready for deployment via Google Play and/or iTunes.
If there is to be a charge to users for downloading the app – the cost estimate will include:
  1. The base cost to the Lucid team of converting the key to mobile format and making it ready for deployment via Google/iTunes (as outlined above).
  2. A percentage of the price of the app that will go to the Lucid team and
  3. A percentage of the price of the app that will go to Google/iTunes.
The relative size of (a) and (b) will be negotiated with the key author or client. The size of (c) will be determined by Google/iTunes; currently this is 30% for both Google and Apple. This will determine the percentage of the app price that will be returned to you.

Key authors who wish to proceed on the basis of this preliminary estimate should send their builder files to the Lucid team. A final quote will be provided after examination of the key files and content; work will proceed once the quote is accepted.

For more information about converting a Lucid key to an app, to express an interest, or to receive a preliminary estimate, please submit a support ticket.

Lucid Mobile App - Example Screen shots

Example Splash/loading screen Example Feature state

Example Entity list Example Fact Sheet
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