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Mobile Template - Green

This template has been specifically designed for mobile device use (phone or tablet). This template is designed to support HTML, not PDF. It includes dynamic sizing content, including images. Entity images are located at the top of the fact sheet.

Version 1.0

This template ships with Fact Sheet Fusion v2.x
Recommended Settings
Regular image size:   600px   Video size:   300px
Thumbnail image size:  300px    Preferred video format  webm
 HTML supported:  True    Index supported:  True
 PDF's supported:  False
   Glossary supported:  True
 XML Supported:  True
   Entity navigation supported:  False
 Additional Outputs        
 Media list:  True (optional)
Edit Album Re-Order the Album Images

Screen shots

Example screen shots of the Mobile Template - Green template.

  • Fact Sheet example (HTML) - dynamic sizing images
  • Glossary example (HTML)
  • Index example (HTML)
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