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Lucid Mobile Template

This template has been specifically designed to export fact sheets for the Lucid Mobile application. The output uses very simple HTML tags to enable translation of the content in to the Lucid mobile application. It contains no CSS or additional template files such as JavaScript or images.

Please note:
The entity title has been excluded from the fact sheet as this is handled by the Lucid Mobile application. Also the Lucid Mobile application doesn't support complex objects such as image, videos or tables directly within the fact sheet. Therefore this template excludes rendering the media within the fact sheets. Any associated media with the fact sheet are output separately and associated with the entities in the corresponding Lucid key via the Media List export file.

Version 1.0

This template ships with Fact Sheet Fusion 2.x

Recommended Settings
Regular image size:   900px   Video size:   450px
Thumbnail image size:  175px    Preferred video format  webm
 HTML supported:  True    Index supported:  False
 PDF's supported:  False* Can override if desired.    Glossary supported:  False
 XML Supported:  False    Entity navigation supported:  False
 Additional Outputs        
 Media list:  True      
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Screen Shots

Example Screen shots of the Lucid Mobile template output.

  • Lucid Mobile Fact Sheet Output
  • Another example of the Lucid Mobile template
  • Fact sheet post conversion into the Lucid app.
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