Coral ID Update

Coral IDThis article only applies to Coral ID key users

  1. Uninstall Coral ID (if already installed). Note: If you are using VISTA you may need to do this using an admin account.
  2. Delete the install folder, usually "C:\program files\Lucid", if you have no other files of concern stored there. Otherwise back them up prior to the delete.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Install Coral ID. Note: If using VISTA you must perform the installation under a privileged account such as Administrator. *** Do not run it at this stage. ***
  5. Reboot.
  6. Patch the current install with the attached update. Extract the ZIP file into "C:\program files\Lucid" overwriting any existing files. Note: If using Vista this must be performed under the administrators account.
  7. Run Coral ID. Enter the serial number again and go through the activation process.

DownloadDownload the Coral ID update

The direct link to the Coral ID registration/activation page is:

Important: If you are using the Vista or Windows 7 operating systems please read the following forum article. Also please note that Lucid3 Player is not backwards compatible with Lucid2 keys. Coral ID is a version 2 key.

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