About LucidLucid tools are powerful and highly flexible knowledge management software applications designed to help users with identification or diagnostic tasks.

Lucid software is a special type of expert system, specifically designed for identification and diagnostic purposes, which enables expert knowledge to be “cloned” and distributed to a wide audience via USB/CD/DVD/HDD, the Internet or mobile devices. The large number of functions incorporated in the software and the ability to include multi-media makes the creation and use of identification and diagnostic keys easy, effective and enjoyable.

Lucid identification keys are currently being used by a wide range of end-users, from high school and university students to taxonomists, quarantine identifiers, biodiversity scientists and conservation managers. For more information on Lucid keys that have been developed, go to Key Search. Key Search

The Lucid toolkit currently includes a matrix key development packages - Lucid3 - and a dichotomous key conversion and development package - Lucid Phoenix - as well as a number of specific utilities designed to facilitate the development of identification or diagnostic keys.

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