Category: Keys

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity concern – updated

By Matt

An update of this interactive lucid key that assists in recognising families of targeted Lepidoptera of biosecurity concern using morphological characters of the adult. Many existing keys to adult Lepidoptera lack good illustrations of the important characters and this key provides high quality photographs of all the characters used. Easily identifiable features that are visible…

Insect Orders – Revised Edition

By Matt

A key to Insect Orders, originally developed at The University of Queensland, has recently been revised by Prof Steve Marshall (University of Guelph, Ontario) and now deployed as an app on the latest, upgraded Lucid Mobile platform. It is available as an Android and iOS version for $ 1.99 from Google and iTunes. The mobile…

What is an identification tool or key?

By Matt

What is an identification tool or key? If you want to identify a tree, a weed, a bird or an insect, how would you go about it? To identify a bird, you might use a published bird book or a bird app – and flick through the images. You might do the same for certain…