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Fact Sheet Fusion is a tool to facilitate the rapid generation of standardized fact sheets.

Exporting Fact Sheets

By Matt

Exporting Fact Sheets with Fact Sheet Fusion Once you have completed the data entry for your fact sheets Fact Sheet Fusion offers a myriad of options when it comes to exporting them. While there are lots of options to choose from, it’s still a simple process to export your fact sheets. Choose a template. Select…


By Matt

Templates in Fact Sheet Fusion Fact Sheet Fusion comes with a number of templates that you can choose for the design of your own fact sheets. You can also create your own templates or modify existing templates to suit your needs. Fact Sheet Fusion templates are based on the following open standards called XML and…


By Matt

Watermarking in Fact Sheet Fusion Fact Sheet Fusion v2 has a number of new watermarking features. Watermarks are only ever applied to the exported copies of your images during export. Your original media library copy is never changed. Image watermarks The Image Watermark Manager (shown above) allows you to define all the images you wish…

Glossary Manager

By Matt

Glossary Manager The Glossary Manager is where you can manage all the glossary terms associated with your project. Fact Sheet Fusion glossary terms now support media attachments and glossary sets. During export you have the option for Fact Sheet Fusion to automatically generate you a Glossary page and cross-link any glossary terms found in your…

Managing Media

By Matt

Managing Media in Fact Sheet Fusion The Fact Sheet Fusion contains a Media Manager that is a centralized repository for media for all projects within the loaded Fusion database. It allows images and other media such as Office documents, PDFs and videos to be added. Adding media to the library is as easy as clicking…