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Lucid December 2020 Newsletter

Most readers of this Newsletter will be aware that Lucid identification software has been around for some time. However, many will not realise that this year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Lucid.

Initial development of a key to Insect Orders within the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Pest Management at the University of Queensland kicked things off. This project quickly morphed into one to develop a generic, Windows-based, identification tool. Over the years Lucid was quickly adapted to changing technology. For example, upgraded to a multi-platform application, support for quickly emerging mobile technologies, through to the release of version 4 this year.

We are often asked what is the key to such longevity. In answer 25 years of longevity has been achieved by a combination of sourcing a range of funding such as grants, contracts and software sales. Frequent upgrades, high quality support to key authors, close collaboration with many key authors who's feedback and ideas have helped improve Lucid and finally a small dedicated team (Damian, Mike, Geoff and Matt) constantly working to fulfil our users needs.

While it's great to look back on past achievements, the future possibilities for identification tools is looking incredible. To meet this future we are working towards integrating innovative AI options within Lucid (more on this in a future newsletter), adding collaborative tools and merging Phoenix (dichotomous key builder) into Lucid to create a unified identification platform for all your identification needs.

We thank all our many project partners and clients for contributing to the development and many applications of Lucid tools worldwide and send you Seasons Greetings and wish you a safe and Happy New Year.


The Lucid Team

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Key Updates

If you have a key that you would like listed, please send us the details. See the following FAQ on what to send us.

Key to the Myrtaceae of New Zealand
Key to the Myrtaceae of New Zealand

This key is for the identification of indigenous and exotic species within the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family that grow in New Zealand.

Murray Dawson, Matt Buys, Chris Ecroyd, Elizabeth Miller, Colin Ogle, and Peter de Lange

97 main entities are included in the NZ Myrtaceae Key (mostly species, but also subspecies, hybrids, and cultivars). Each entity links to a custom profile, created especially for this key.

This key is illustrated with more than 1,600 images and runs using 30 characters and more than 100 character-states.

It was created to assist in reporting myrtle rust occurrences for long-term monitoring and development of management options, but will also be useful to students, researchers, and others in the New Zealand botanical community.

Available at:

Interactive Key to the World Genera of Cobweb Spiders (Theridiidae)
Interactive Key to the World Genera of Cobweb Spiders (Theridiidae)

This is an early trial version of this interactive key, still lacking many images and most notes. It includes all currently valid theridiid genera (all included by Platnick, 2002). Recently upgraded into Lucid v4.

Agnarsson, I. 2003. Interactive Key to the World Genera of Cobweb Spiders (Theridiidae), version 1.0 beta.

Available at:

Look back at keys released in 2020
A look back at keys released in 2020

A look back at some of the important keys that have been updated this year, some of which have also been published using the Lucid Mobile platform for both Apple and Android apps. 

Euclid icon

EUCLID Eucalypts of Australia – Fourth Edition

TingID - Identification of lace bugs intercepted at U.S. ports of entry

Australian Rainforest Key (RFK)
Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants

Wattle icon
WATTLE Acacias of Australia

Australian Snake Id
Australian Snake ID

Tropical Forages
Tropical Forages

Many other keys also received updates:

* Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds
* FunKey: an Interactive Guide to the Genera of Australian Macrofungi.
* Rice Doctor Odisha edition
* Australian Freshwater Molluscs

For more take a look at:

Software Updates
Software updates

Download the latest updates via your account at:

Lucid Builder v4 updates (free to existing licence holders)

Several updates have been added to the current Builder release. For the latest details see:

Lucid v4

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