Lucid Newsletter - February 2015

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2015 is already off to a cracking start. We hope you had an enjoyable break.

Lucid Mobile Update

Insect Orders Mobile ApplicationInsect Orders – Popularity continues to increase

The Insect to Orders mobile application is continuing to prove popular. There have now been over 16k installs and the number is growing every day. Feedback on this and other Lucid mobile applications has been extremely positive with users finding the interface friendly and easy to use.

If you have any suggestions for new features or improvements in the Lucid Mobile platform we would welcome your feedback. Just send us an email (

Coming Soon

As mentioned in the previous newsletter we have been hard at work adding new features to the Lucid mobile application. One of the most requested features has been the ability for key authors to deploy their key(s) and allow the app users to collect observational data with the option of providing feedback to appropriate agencies. Thanks to a project we are currently working on with the International Rice Research Institute (, this functionality will be available soon.

Key authors will be able to define the following reporting criteria when deploying their keys to the mobile platform:
  • Custom data entry fields (drop down list, check choice, free form text, etc.)
  • Location data (GPS/Network)
  • User generated images
  • Key usage details (E.g. What features were selected to arrive at the entity reported)
  • Device details
This data will then be stored on the users’ device until it’s within range of a network (Wi-Fi or cell), where it will be uploaded to our App Server interface.

A Key owner/administrator will then be able to:
  • View the submitted data reports
  • Receive alerts that match predefined criteria
  • Export the data
  • Visualise the data via Google Maps
  • Link the data to other on-line systems (via web services and your API key).
If you are interested in this functionality for your key please contact us to discuss your requirements. (

Key AnalyticsKey Analytics

The key to Tropical forages ( has been available on-line to users for just over ten years. At the time of its release the authors had the foresight to track the usage of the key and one of the authors - Stuart Brown of CamAg Consulting has provided some surprising statistics. The key is available in four languages and has had well over one million unique visitors since its launch. On average there are around 15,000 visitors a month, while other statistics captured over this time indicate such details as where users are from (which country and regions),which are the most popular fact sheets users have referred to, etc.

This type of statistical information can provide valuable information for improving your key and its content, as well as giving you hard data for reporting back to funding bodies on the impact the key is having.  If you haven’t already checked out Google Analytics (, it’s free to create an account, easy to setup, and can provide a wealth of information on your deployed keys.

Note: Google Analytics can also be added to your key via the Lucid Mobile app for both Android and Apple iOS.

Fact Sheet Fusion v2Fact Sheet Fusion

Over the past 6 months we’ve been busy writing a brand new version of Fact Sheet Fusion v2. This new version has been completely rewritten from the ground up, incorporating all the great feedback and suggestions we’ve received since its initial release.

What’s new in Fact Sheet Fusion v2:
  • Media can be attached at an Entity level or at individual Topic level.
  • An in-built HTML code cleaner can fix up content pasted from MS Office applications.
  • Access to view and edit the underlying HTML code.
  • New glossary manager, supporting glossary sets and glossary images.
  • In-built watermarking when exporting images, with both text and image watermarks supported.
  • Support for attaching just about any media (images, videos, PDF’s, sound etc.).
  • Numerous export options, including support for PDF fact sheets.
  • Faster exporting – fully multi-threaded export, which can take full advantage of multi-core CPU technology.
    • Export also supports
      • Media Lists.
      • Sitemaps.
      • Google Analytics.
  • A new Media Manager that allows centralised management of media Meta data.
  • Easier template management and customization.
  • Support for all the latest Windows operating systems.
  • Plus lots more!
Existing licence holders of FSFv1.x will be entitled to a 20% discount on the new version. If you have purchased v1.x from October – December 2014 you are entitled to a 50% discount. Users who purchased in 2015 will be entitled to a free upgrade.

For more information about version 2 or to download the trial edition visit

FunKey: Key to Agarics, an interactive key and
information system for the genera of agarics occurring in

FunKey – Key to Agarics: An interactive guide to the macrofungi of Australia is now available in USB and as a mobile application (Android and apple iOS)

Note: The USB edition contains additional content not found in the mobile app edition.

Mobile app edition:

FunKey - Android Edition Google Play Store

FunKey - iOS Edition iTunes