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6/25/2010 5:02 PM

NewUpdated: 25th June 2010

Lucid3 v3.5.2 062521010

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed - A-Z sort order bug
  • Fixed - Prompt for confirmation for DnD operations which was not working
  • Fixed - LIF2 import bug where first character in item name is < symbol
  • Fixed - LIF2 import validator not counting number of taxa correctly
  • Fixed - CSV export - missing first entity
  • Fixed - bug in natural language output of overlapping numeric ranges
  • New - CSV export - transposing of rows/columns in output file
  • New - CSV export - splitting of export across multiple files (to user defined limits, e.g. excel limitations)
  • New - CSV import - handling of transposed csv files
  • Updated - Lucid Update check now only reports when an update is available.
  • Updated - Help File

Lucid3 Player

  • Updated - Help File

Updated: 28th September 2009

Lucid3 v3.5.0 09242009

Lucid3 Builder

  • Natural Language Template Editor
  • Entity description generator, with auto attachment
  • Key Reporting Tool
  • Bulk Import of Media
  • Rotating backups of key data files
  • The ability to set numeric scores to ranges of cells in the spreadsheet scoring view
  • The option to define a list of states that are selected when the player opens a key.
  • Automatic check for update

Lucid Player

  • Manual Discard of Entities
  • Get Score
  • Automatic check for update

Read more on the release here.

Updated: 18th March 2009

Lucid3 v3.4.1 03162009

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed LIF2 import issue where numerics set as "uncertain" were imported as "normal".
  • Fixed an invalid error message when importing LIF2. This error had no effect on the import of data.

Lucid Player

  • No updates.

Lucid3 v3.4.1 12172008

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed image viewer re-sizing and positioning inconsistencies
  • Fixed CSV Export problem with missing first taxa
  • Fixed Numeric Scoping redraw problem in tree view
  • Fixed score propagation tree repainting problem
  • Fixed display of missing translated strings in menus
  • Fixed problem with thumbnail resizing creating duplicate thumbnails
  • Fixed problem with converting multiple features to states
  • Fixed problem with list view names changes not being used by preview player
  • Fixed score analyser refresh problem
  • Fixed CSV Export precision issues
  • Fixed menu display problems under the Vista OS
  • Fixed missing library in setup packages.

Lucid Player

  • Fixed display problem with multiple image viewers open
  • Fixed list view problem, not displaying selected state
  • Fixed font sizing problem in ranked display mode
  • Added language defaults to deployment options
  • Fixed problem with auto best not invoking best
  • Reduced tooltip display time delay
  • Fixed problem with macro display on image updates or resizing
  • Fixed html tags in displayed in image caption

Updated: 4th December 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.1 12042007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Extended deployment options.

  • Reduced restrictions on file attachment types.

  • Fixed Descriptions Output file browse dialog for Mac users.

Lucid Player

  • Fixed tree label redraw issue under JRE 1.6.

Updated: 8th October 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.1 10052007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo - Fixed media attachments being dropped.

  • LIF2 import fixed numeric data verification.

  • LIF3 fixed media path parsing.

Lucid Player

  • Fixed backslash issue in media path.

  • Fixed numeric range matching relating to precision.

Updated: 7th August 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.1 08072007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed broken help links

  • Improved image loading and caching performance

Lucid Player

  • Fixed broken help links

  • Improved image loading and caching performance

Lucid3 Trial updated to this edition.

Updated: 24th July 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.1 07242007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed Linux JDIC/Firefox integration issues.

  • Fixed dependencies selection bug.

  • Fixed tree item rename text box width issue.

  • Fixed thumbnail reloading issue on tree refresh.

  • Fixed tree background colour refresh after preference change.

  • Fixed bug related to language variant options.

  • Fixed Numeric Scoring to save scores when closing the dialog other than by the OK button.

  • Fixed auto-scroll of trees during drag 'n' drop operations.

  • Fixed key key import to create thumbnails set at a custom size.

  • Fixed CMYK and sRGB colour space handling problems in JPEGs.

  • Added PNG support.

  • Export of CVS data now creates multiple files when entity count exceeds 250.

  • Updated setup packages to support MS Vista, and latest Linux kernels.

  • About box now displays licence details.

Lucid3 Player

  • Fixed ranked mode filtering bug

  • Fixed tree title bar shading bug

  • Changed double behaviour on score boxes to single click.

  • Restored pop-up menu option where multiple html items attached.

  • Added PNG support.

  • About box now displays licence details.

  • Added a status bar to the Player interface.

  • Enhanced Differences functionality to show dependent features which are not visible due to current selections within the key.

  • Restored feature thumbnail view option to Player.

Updated: 18th April 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.1 04172007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed Feature list import, where states ignored.

  • Fixed convert Feature to State function to update Feature State count display.

Lucid3 Player

  • Fixed restart key bug.

  • Fixed subset tree filtering.

  • Fixed thumbnails load sequence when loading in the background.

Updated: 28th March 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.0 03272007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Fixed LIF3 import and export issues, including numeric data errors.

Lucid3 Player

  • Fixed slow tree refresh on opening keys.

  • Fixed image viewer unable to be closed under latest JRE 1.6.x.

  • Fixed entity gallery not updating during key selections.

  • Fixed numeric range on input dialog, now reports scores for remaining entities only.

Updated: 22nd March 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.0 03192007

Lucid3 Builder

  • Cut and paste bug, where the builder would freeze. Fixed.

  • LIF3 export bug. Export would fail under certain conditions. Fixed.

  • Additional key deploy settings added. Maximize player on open and definable browser window size options.

  • Add item pane inconsistencies corrected.

  • Various Numeric scoring issues corrected.

  • Numeric data not correctly reported in Natural Language Export. Fixed.

  • Help updated.

Lucid3 Player

  • Images not cached within applet due to memory constraints. Fixed.

  • Thumbnail performance improved by asynchronous loading.

  • Refreshing the Applet Player within a web browser caused an intermittent error on reload. Fixed.

Updated: 14th February 2007

Lucid3 v3.4.0 02092007

Version 3.4 enhancements include:

Lucid3 Builder

  • Undo and Redo support.

  • Import Merging (LIF/LIF3/SDD/CSV).

  • Manual Merging of Features/Entities (via Drag and Drop).

  • Improved display options, including Fonts and Font sizes.

  • Improved Natural Language support, including revised template structures.

  • Improved Numeric Feature support, including Measurement unit enhancements.

  • Improved SDD 1.0b4 and 1.1 Import/Export.

  • Internationalisation support, including language file editors.

  • Score Analyser improvements, including Polymorphism Analysis.

  • Updated Application Preferences.

Lucid3 Player

  • Enhanced Image and Fact sheet viewers.

  • Feature Gallery view.

  • Improved display options, including Fonts and Font sizes.

  • Internationalisation Support.

If you would like further detail about these features - go to the online Help files - Builder Help and Player Help.

Updated: 17th December 2008

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